OMNA Commerce App

OMNA Commerce App

We simplify the interaction of retailers with multiple sale channels.

Having trouble managing multiple channels at the same time?

Our solution is ready for final users with the App, as well as applications using API.

Easily manage your orders from several commerce sources using OMNA Commerce App.

If you have unique integration needs like importing products or updating the inventory


Inventory synchronization

Real-time inventory sync on multiple channels. Subscribe your back-office systems using our webhooks. App sends HTTP Post with the order details to the Callback URL of your system.

Custom webhook URL

Ability to add custom webhook URL to send the data to on-premise applications.

Manage orders

Manage and fulfil all your orders from one app. The orders are consolidated to see updates for each state of orders.

Product listing

Easily list products on multiple channels. Product will be pushed to leading marketplaces.

How OMNA Commerce App works?

App is powered by the OMNA Commerce API. All connections, integration flows, and the data come from this API which is available to your developer. API developer can have full capability to integrate the information of orders, product, and order synchronization from original application.

Monthly pricing plans

30-days free trial, no credit card required. Questions? Contact us



  • 15 USD basic plan
  • Community Slack channel
  • No assisted setup
  • No specific support


  • 49 USD start-up plan
  • Private Slack channel
  • 5 hours assisted setup
  • 48 hours window support


  • 99 USD growth up plan
  • Private Slack channel
  • Unlimited assisted setup
  • ASAP priority support


  • On-premise
  • Self hosted option
  • Custom development service
  • Dedicated support team