OMNA for Odoo

OMNA for Odoo

A module on the Odoo App Store which allows you to connect multiple marketplaces and ecommerce solutions. Manage your products inventory and orders on just one platform.

How OMNA Integration Addon works

Addon is powered by the OMNA Commerce API. All connections, integration flows, and the data come from this API which is available to your developer. API developer can have full capability to integrate the information of orders, product, and order synchronization from original application.


For a better commerce cycle.


Product listing

Simply list once and your products will be pushed to leading global marketplaces: Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 and more!.


Manage orders

Manage and fulfil all your orders from one app. The orders are consolidated to see updates for each state of orders.

OMNA Shopify

Inventory synchronization

Real-time inventory sync on multiple channels. Subscribe your back-office systems using our webhooks.

Omna App

Custom webhook URL

Ability to add custom webhook URL to send the data to on-premise applications.

If you have unique integration needs beyond any pre-built point to point integration

Available integrations

Start selling in your favorite markets today!.


The OMNA Commerce API is simple connector API to integrate e-commerce sale channels, such as marketplaces and e-commerce platforms in one or more countries. Is an easy way to consolidate orders, synchronize inventory and listing product information to commerce solutions. This API is for individual retailers, SaaS services, or any business that needs to handle multiples commerce integrations. Why spend the extra time and money on individual integrations when you can just connect to commerce API?.

Next integrations


OMNA Integration configuration

During installation you will have to provide the OMNA API url. Then you will be redirected to in order to complete the authentication process. If the process is completed successfully then you will be able to send or get data from OMNA in your behalf.